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Improved Meeting Entry and Increased Adoption of Web Standards - Announcing Adobe Connect 9.7

A Powerful Independent Application

In this release, Windows users who need to share their screen or upload content will experience a new standalone application that installs independently from the Adobe Flash Player, and outside of the Adobe Flash Player directory structure.

The new Adobe Connect application will fully remove the need for a web browser to join meetings.

Users will now be presented with an event entrance process within the application. The application will let you easily rejoin recent meetings, or save frequently used meeting rooms as favorites for seamless immediate access.

This release also provides increased levels of control for enterprise system administrators. Adobe Connect 9.7 will include a new MSI installer for organizations that require the ability to uniformly manage the distribution of their corporation’s approved applications, and will also support both roaming and local profiles to provide better compatibility for virtualized environments.

While a new independent application experience will be an option for all users, those who have the Flash Player fully enabled in their browser will continue to be able to access Adobe Connect rooms without further downloads of an application.

Improved Browser and Audio Diagnostic CapabilitiesThe release of Adobe Connect 9.7 brings with it dramatically improved browser diagnostic capabilities, and gives users the ability to pre-install the new application before their meeting.

Meeting hosts now have the ability, well before an event begins, to encourage users who are encountering difficulties with the Flash Player to choose the ‘Install Adobe Connect’ option instead.

In addition to making improvements around meeting entry diagnostics, Adobe Connect 9.7 brings with it more seamless ways to configure audio profiles in advance of a meeting. For users leveraging Adobe Connect’s built-in Voice-over-IP (VoIP) features, the new test page also provides the ability to ensure their microphones and speakers are pre-configured before a meeting begins.

New HTML5 Administration within Adobe Connect CentralConnect Central is the powerful administrative back-end of Adobe Connect. We are excited to pre-announce that in the subsequent Fall release of Adobe Connect 9.7.2 we will move further towards widely accepted web standards by updating key pages to HTML5. Our product team examined and analyzed the most prevalent workflows in Connect Central and is in the process of redesigning them using components developed exclusively with HTML5.

The new interface will be redesigned with a focus on up-leveling the discoverability of key features amongst end users. The four-tab structure makes finding and navigating between meetings, trainings, recordings and training catalogs more seamless than ever. Ultimately this redesign will offer greater access to these capabilities across browsers and devices.

Adobe Connect 9.7 expands on our product’s ease of access for both meetings and administration. Over the coming months we will steadily innovate on these themes through continued movement towards web standards and we are eager to share more news of these exciting features with our users soon.

Customers can expect the rollout of Adobe Connect 9.7 to begin late August and last through September, 2017.

Version 9.7 will be bringing your much more features and fine-tuning, if you would like to hear more about these finer points, contact us at

By Jacob Rosen
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