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    See how Adobe Connect can take your meetings to a new level with persistentmeeting rooms, unlimited webcams and high-quality media sharing.

    Get to know how Adobe Learning Manager has been changing the way people look at their LMS. With a fluidic player that accepts virtually any document, Prime is giving training a learner-first approach.

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Vimeo Enterprise


Welcome to the Video Onboarding & Training Powered by Vimeo! In today's digital age, sharing training materials and onboarding resources efficiently is crucial for organizations. With our innovative video libraries, you can easily distribute these resources to your employees, fostering seamless learning experiences. Discover the power of interactive videos with clickable actions, enabling your team to actively engage and participate in the onboarding process. Gain real-time insights into employee progress and performance, allowing you to track their development effectively. Join us for an exclusive deep dive into Vimeo's new video-powered onboarding tools, where our experts at Clarix Technologies will guide you through the features and benefits of this cutting-edge solution. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your onboarding and training processes with Vimeo. Register now to secure your spot!

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Adobe Sign Product Overview

Certificate-based digital signatures are the most advanced, compliant, and secure type of e-signature. When you need the highest level of assurance of each signer’s identity and document authenticity but still want to sign electronically, opt for a trusted digital signature backed by digital identity certification, such as our cloud signatures.

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Adobe Connect Product Overview

Join us as we give a tour of Adobe Connect and show you what else to expect in the newest update to Adobe's award-winning web-conferencing software.

We'll be covering the newest features of Adobe Connect version 9.5, including:

  • Offline MP4 video conversion: Locally convert your meeting recordings into MP4 format and share them on your website, or social media. From mobile to full-HD MP4 video, you're in complete control.
  • HTML5 support for virtual classrooms : Reach more learners by leveraging web-standard HTML5 content published from Adobe Presenter or Adobe Captivate in your virtual classrooms.
  • Smarter webcams: Not only are your webcam streams unlimited, they are now smarter! Alleviate bandwidth strain and maximize your webcam experience in filmstrip mode.

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Adobe Learning Manager Overview

Complicated interfaces, long difficult setup times, housing and loading large course media that requires learners to stumble through a myriad of pop-ups and add-ins; sometimes it feels like you need training to provide your employees training.

Adobe is making it easier with their new LMS, Adobe Learning Manager. The only LMS that takes a learner-first approach to training your employees. Join our upcoming Prime overview sessions, we'll be covering:

  • Prime's unique fluidic player that seamlessly provides virtually any kind of eLearning content. Learners can play videos, PDFs, PPTs, DOCx, SCORM and AICC-compliant packages in one location. No pop-ups. No add-ins.
  • Offline learning capabilities that allow employees to train on the go. Learners can load courses for offline consumption when internet access is unavailable, and sync progress back into Prime when they're ready.
  • Course feedback from learners and managers. Search for the most effective courses, and improve on ineffective courses.

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