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    With Adobe Connect software, it's never been easier to get people together from around the world — without the annoying hassles of travel or traditional web conferencing.

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Features for Enterprise Collaboration

Enjoy easy-to-access, enterprise-wide collaboration

Authenticate users with native LDAP support

When users log in to Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro , their credentials will be authenticated directly against an integrated LDAP server. Use the administration console to configuration LDAP server details, authentication methods, and advanced settings such as timeouts and query page size limits.

Integrate with instant messaging systems

Within a meeting or meeting room, hosts can see a list of invitees and their presence on Microsoft Live Communication Server (LCS) and Microsoft Office Communication Server. Hosts can initiate chat conversations with LCS or OCS instance message users from directly within Acrobat Connect Pro.

Edit recordings to streamline content

As the meeting manager, you can use intuitive, online tools to create an edited version of an archived meeting or virtual classroom session. Remove unwanted sections of the recording using mark-in and mark-out points. The original version remains untouched and can be retrieved in its unedited state.

Convert recordings for playback offline

While online viewing is the most common way to watch a recording, you can also provide the option for offline viewing. Simply save your recording in the FLV format and then anyone can download the file and watch it using any media player that supports FLV, such as Adobe Media Player software.

Easily manage meeting rooms

Easily schedule meetings, invite attendees, and set access permissions. Set up rooms specific to the subject, audience, or presenter. Assign persistent rooms for recurring meetings and control who has access to content. Get detailed statistics on meetings and users to measure attendance.

Customize meeting room layouts

Use customizable tabs to organize meeting flow and content. Easily select and arrange content windows for each layout.

Save layouts as templates for future reuse

Meeting room layouts and content can be saved as reusable templates for personal or systemwide use. Content saved in a template becomes instantly available in new meetings created from that template.

Use the same URL every time

Acrobat Connect Pro meeting rooms are always available and easy to access through custom URLs, which never change. Your custom meeting room layouts and content, complete with notes and chat, are automatically saved from one meeting to the next, to help you reduce set-up time.

Brand your meeting room

Customize the look and feel of your meeting room with your corporate logo and colors.

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook

Schedule online meetings from your Outlook calendar using an integrated address book, availability look-up, and meeting recurrence features. Users can join your meetings from within their Outlook calendars.

Create custom windows

To facilitate active collaboration for more effective and engaging web seminars, meetings, and meeting rooms, use the Collaboration Builder SDK to create custom interactive Adobe Flash applications.

Share your screen

As a presenter, you can choose to share your screen at three levels: window, application, or your entire desktop. You can synchronize the view of all participants and expand the viewing area for shared applications, documents, and whiteboards to fill the participants' entire screen.

Upload and share just about anything

Acrobat Connect Pro provides full support for Flash movies, animations, streaming video and audio, high-resolution graphics, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and Adobe Captivate® simulations, allowing participants to view and interact with rich media as a group or at their own pace.

Use breakout rooms to focus discussions

Within your meeting room, you can create multiple submeetings, or breakout rooms. Each breakout includes its own private VoIP or telephony audio channel. Use a default template or create custom layouts for each room, and provide specific content appropriate for each breakout. As the host, you can monitor all breakouts, move easily between them, and broadcast messages to all participants across room boundaries. When it's time to bring the groups back together, you can easily review breakout room content with the entire group in the shared main room.

Get immediate feedback with polling

Easily create polls and track responses immediately. Use the feedback to guide the course of meetings and classes to ensure the content and pace suit the needs and interests of your audience. After the session, you can download polling data for further analysis and reporting.

Prepare content behind the scenes

As a presenter, you can create or modify a meeting room layout or upload content in Preparation mode, and changes will not be displayed to participants until Preparation mode is deactivated.

Share multimedia with low bandwidth

With the Optimize Screen Sharing feature in the Meeting menu, users can select "Fast Images" to enable very low bandwidth consumption when screen sharing fast-moving multimedia and video. This feature is also known as Turbo Screen Sharing.

Communicate with whiteboarding and annotation tools

Annotate over content and blank whiteboards using standard tools or your own custom annotation shapes. Save whiteboard overlays in persistent Acrobat Connect Pro meeting rooms, and add to them in future sessions.

Control "Voice Talk" features to minimize chatter

As the instructor in the meeting room, you can hover and click on a user to enable and disable VoIP access. Users can control their own individual volume and speaking mode with an easy-to-use menu.

Moderate Q&A sessions

Conduct chat-based question-and-answer sessions, with complete control over question queue, visibility, and question delegation.

Collaborate in real time with other presenters

Multiple presenters can conduct behind-the-scenes content preparation, whiteboarding, private chat, and layout customization while the meeting is in progress. Meeting participants cannot see any of the windows shared in the presenter-only area.

See who's in your meeting room

Use standard USB or FireWire webcams for high-quality videoconferencing, with support for multiple simultaneous video attendees.

Use the Internet as a phone

Acrobat Connect Pro provides the highest quality Internet audio (VoIP) and offers an easy audio set-up wizard, echo and noise cancellation, and silence detection, which eliminates the need for a "push to talk" feature.

Record meetings for future playback

Record meeting audio, including integrated teleconferencing and VoIP. Capture participant interactions via chat, polling, whiteboarding, and rich media. A built-in streaming server can optimize bandwidth for individual viewers. Viewers can use the meeting index to navigate to the most relevant content quickly, and all content remains interactive during playback.


Work with a customizable, extensible interface

Integrate with a variety of telephony providers

Multiple audio bridge adaptors can be configured on the same instance of the Acrobat Connect Pro server, whether licensed or hosted. Telephony bridge technology is flexible enough to allow integration with a variety of call providers. Supported audio functionality includes breakout rooms, call my phone, join the call, active speaking indication, mute and volume controls, and other popular features.

Maintain branding

Acrobat Connect Pro Server gives customers the ability to incorporate their organization's brand throughout the Acrobat Connect Pro experience. Using an intuitive, web-based interface, customers can apply color schemes and logos to the login screens, web application, presentations, and meetings.

Assign varying levels of administration rights

System Administrators can delegate administrative tasks without giving full rights to their colleagues. With a highly configurable set of permissions and rights, these Limited Administrators can provide much-needed assistance to System Administrators during times of peak usage.

Manage content

Store rich-media content and metadata — including PowerPoint presentations, Adobe Flash video, and other content types — in the online content library. Users can access, manage, and download content from a centralized location. Control access to confidential information with folder and security management tools.

Simplify content searching

Full text indexing of self-paced content and recorded meetings enables individuals to use keywords to locate relevant information — through meeting archives as well as presentations and training courses.

Establish custom URLs

Define personalized URLs for meetings, content, seminars, courses, or curriculums that are easy to remember and customized for the content, meeting, or event type.

Leverage database views

Database-level views provide customers with reporting choices: Leverage data from within Acrobat Connect Pro through OOTB reports, receive data as CSV, or use XML web services.

Manage content delivery

Acrobat Connect Pro Server provides flexible on-demand delivery through any standard web browser — even with a low-speed modem connection. Online meetings and content are delivered using the Adobe Flash Player runtime, already installed on more than 98% of Internet-connected desktops, so audiences can access meetings and content instantly, without cumbersome software downloads. Acrobat Connect Pro Server is also firewall-friendly and bandwidth-efficient.

Integrate with directory services

Acrobat Connect Pro directory services integration (Active Directory, LDAP) enables out-of-the-box integration with an organization's existing user management system, reducing application management costs by enabling administrators to manage users and groups in a single location. Native directory service integration is supported with licensed deployments. CSV file import provides hosted customers with bulk imports of users and groups.

Take advantage of server technology

Use optional Acrobat Connect Pro Edge Server technology to deploy Acrobat Connect Pro nodes throughout your organization's network to consolidate and cache streams and content, providing increased performance and efficient use of networks.

Maintain extensibility

Organizations can use the comprehensive web services framework in Acrobat Connect Pro Server to integrate with existing enterprise applications and systems. For example, they can adapt an intranet portal application to list upcoming Acrobat Connect Pro Training sessions, personalize course listing directories based on the user's group affiliation, or add Acrobat Connect Pro content and meeting information to corporate search engines.

Rely on failover support

A highly redundant architecture ensures no interruption, with automatic failover to an available server in the event of a system failure.


Control scalability, performance, usage, and compliance

Generate reports and chargeback details based on usage

A variety of new reports are provided with Acrobat Connect Pro, giving you insight into usage across the system. Information is aggregated by minutes, rooms, training objects, storage, logins, or other parameters. You can configure cost centers and apply usage charges to hosts, individuals, meetings, or any group that you define.

Track license and system capacity

Configure your Acrobat Connect Pro system to automatically notify System Administrators when usage approaches your license threshold. Define warnings, notifications, and e-mails. Report on system usage and license capacity.

Control the use of windows

Restrict the use of entire windows within specific meetings or on particular accounts. Or selectively force certain functionality, such as clearing the chat window after each meeting session.

Restrict the ability to share content

Disable share functions, such as desktop sharing, remote control, or whiteboarding. Limit content sharing to documents within the Acrobat Connect Pro Content Library only.

Require or disable recordings

Institute a requirement that all meetings be recorded. Or, conversely, block the recording option for specific meetings or accounts. Protect recordings so they can only be deleted by authorized System Administrators.

Configure customizable notices and disclaimers

Require participants to read and approve a confidentiality statement or other notice in order to join a particular meeting.

Capture chat content into archival transcripts

All text-based conversations can be logged into chat transcripts that are formatted to facilitate future archiving.

Restrict access to meetings

Specify certain individuals and/or groups to be explicitly denied access, and completely disable guest access for select meetings, to ensure that only authorized participants are able to attend.

Manage password policies

Acrobat Connect Pro Server enables password policy management and administrator reset of password policy management consistent with industry best practices and enables administrators to align Acrobat Connect Pro solutions with their existing security policies. These policies are enforced across the Acrobat Connect Pro applications.

Use report dashboards and manager reports

The Dashboard feature provides a graphical user interface to Acrobat Connect Pro reports. Manager reports help managers gain greater insight into their teams' usage of Acrobat Connect Pro applications. These reports include training, meeting, and content reports.

Use report filters

Report filters enable users to define parameters for reports, such as for certain time frames or users, so that, for example, reports can be generated for a specific line of business. Once defined, these filters apply to all reports.

Leverage reporting flexibility

Reporting choices include leveraging data from within the Acrobat Connect Pro Server through out-of-the-box reports or importing data using CSV files, XML web services, and database-level views.

Use the rich media conversion engine

Quickly convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and images into vector-based Flash assets. Conversion allows for high-fidelity presentation of PowerPoint presentations and images; reduced file sizes optimize bandwidth.

Maintain scalability

Acrobat Connect Pro Server offers single-server or clustered environments, providing reliable, redundant deployment for organizations small and large supporting thousands of concurrent users. Edge servers help reduce bandwidth and improve delivery for groups in remote locations.

Allow single sign-on

Acrobat Connect Pro Server single sign-on supports direct integration with corporate authentication systems, providing a seamless experience for end users by eliminating the need for multiple user names and password prompts. Acrobat Connect Pro Server supports native NTLM support for domain authentication and offers an extensible authentication filter framework for use with custom authentication systems.

Protect content with SSL encryption

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Server uses industry-standard cryptographic protocols SSL and TLS to provide 128-bit encrypted channels for HTTPs communications and streaming RTMP media files.

Leverage third-party and Adobe content support

Acrobat Connect Pro Server supports management, tracking, and reporting for content created with other Adobe tools, such as eLearning courses developed in Adobe Flash or simulations developed using Adobe Captivate. It also supports third-party AICC-compliant content.

Control user management and access

Administrators can add users, delete users, identify rights, and manage groups from one console, using the web-based user administration interface. User profiles can now be customized to include a variety of user fields, including a profile dictionary provided with the product. Integrated user-account notification automatically e-mails users with their account information.


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