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Features for Rapid Training - Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

Rapidly create high-impact training

Rapidly create content

Deploy custom training programs that mix and reuse a variety of training activities. Create self-paced courses right from Microsoft PowerPoint using Adobe® Presenter. software. You can also capture screen recordings or create interactive simulations using Adobe Captivate® software. You can also record an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Virtual Classroom session and download and edit it for reuse as a self-paced course. Curriculums can also include external events, such as management assessments.

Find specific training content with enhanced search capabilities

Use filters to search by title, description, author, or type, and even search within the content to find relevant meetings, training sessions, archives, and more.

Maintain branding

Add branding, logos, colors, and image backgrounds to match your organization's branding.

Add quizzes to content

Add quizzes to course content to assess learner performance. Optionally set pass/fail criteria to ensure participants meet minimum required levels of mastery. Use question branching and custom audio and visual feedback to guide users and tailor learning paths.

Add survey capabilities

Provide content authors and training managers with survey capabilities to gauge the overall effectiveness of course content.

Create high-impact courses with Adobe Presenter

Create simulations with Adobe Captivate


Easily deploy self-paced courses

Allow learners to self-enroll through an online catalog

Enable learners to browse for the courses, curriculums, and virtual classes that are offered by your training department. Set permissions to control who can see certain listings. You can also implement an optional approval process with workflow notifications to ensure learners have met specific requirements, such as prerequisites or manager approval, before enrolling in a class.

Manage groups to assist with enrollment and tracking

As a training manager, you can define leaders within Acrobat Connect Pro to assist you with learner enrollment and tracking, without granting them full administrative access.

Manage curriculum

Use a Wizard-based approach to create progressive learning tracks that combine related training courses, content, and classes. Easily define course prerequisites and determine optional and required modules and completion requirements.

Enable bookmarking

Let participants take a break at any time during a training course and resume at point of exit. Participants can review material in the course or curriculum after completion without affecting score or status. Managers can track the participant's progress in the course or curriculum even if the course is not fully completed.


Effectively manage and track learner progress

Generate training reports

The report generator provides custom fields and filters so you can get a meaningful overview on the progress and current status of all enrolled learners.

Track training and progress

With a home page and curriculum view, learners can view their assigned training and easily track their own progress through learning paths.

Leverage content management and keyword search

Use fast searching of the content library to retrieve and play recorded meetings and self-paced content. Locate existing materials to perform updates or leverage existing content in a new context.

Manage courses efficiently

Schedule courses, invite learners, automate enrollment notices and reminders, and track learner statistics. Participants simply click a link to access the course.

Establish certification

Set up automated certification criteria that assign a unique learner certification number upon course completion.

Integrate with Adobe and third-party content

Integrate and track Adobe and third-party content within the Acrobat Connect Pro content library — including Adobe Captivate simulations, Adobe Flash content, and third-party AICC-compliant content.


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