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eLearning, Web Conferencing, Security

Adobe Connect white papers are authored by industry experts and include the topic areas of eLearning, Web conferencing and Security.


Engaging with the new eLearning (PDF, 3.8M)
12 strategies for engaging and retaining learners through compelling online experiences.

The Promise of eLearning (PDF, 1.7M)
This paper presents a framework for the reemergence of eLearning as a set of teaching, training, and learning practices not bound by a specific technology platform or learning management system.

Speed is king: Rapid creation and deployment of enterprise eLearning solutions (PDF, 2.59 MB)
Karl Kapp of the Institute for Interactive Technologies at Bloomsburg University cites corporate success stories and offers key tactics for planning, developing, and deploying rapid eLearning. Use this white paper to gain insight into techniques and procedures that will help you quickly develop and deliver your enterprise-wide eLearning solutions.

Leveraging Multimedia for eLearning (PDF, 2.6M)
Get eLearning authoring tips in a paper developed by Ruth Clark, author of "e-Learning and the Science of Instruction" and "Efficiency in Learning".

Informal learning: Extending the impact of enterprise ideas and information (PDF, 726k)
A conversation with Jay Cross, author of Informal Learning: Rediscovering the Natural Pathways that Inspire Innovation and Performance.

Transforming customer service in the telecommunications industry (PDF, 80k)
For any company in any industry, the mandate is clear: Provide exceptional customer service. This white paper reviews best practices for using eLearning to maximize the effectiveness of your Customer Service Organization.

Web Conferencing

Gartner Inc.’s Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing (PDF, 780k)
Adobe is positioned in the "Leaders" quadrant in Gartner Inc.'s Magic Quadrant for Web conferencing, 2007 by Jeffrey Mann. To read the full report and learn more about Adobe Connect, please complete this form.

Screen Sharing performance of Web conferencing services: Competitive analysis (PDF, 145k)
As web conferencing becomes increasingly prevalent, users are seeking more sophisticated experiences. Learn about Adobe Connect’s Turbo Screen Sharing and how it outperforms the industry standard by efficiently utilizing bandwidth and minimally impacting the network infrastructure.


Hosted security assessment (PDF, 2.1M)
The Adobe Connect hosted service is ideal for organizations that want to maintain control over the administration of users, groups, and resources while outsourcing the management of systems and infrastructure.

On-site security assessment (PDF, 929k)
The Adobe Connect licensed solution offers complete control over the management of users, groups, on-demand content, client sessions, access control, security policies, quotas, licensing, auditing, and various other management functions.


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