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Captivate Prime Features

Fluidic Player

The unique fluidic player provides learners with a unified playback experience for virtually any kind of content, so that they can play videos, PDFs, PPTs, DOCx, SCORM, and AICC-compliant packages, all within a single player without having to download any plugins.

Publishing to Prime

Group modules as you want, to create structured courses, learning programs or curricula. Keeping your organizational learning and certifications current and consistent is as easy as updating the modules and saving them as newer versions.

Create a Course

Adobe Captivate Prime allows authors to create courses using one or more modules related to virtual training, self-paced modules, classroom training, and activity modules. Administrators can further use these courses to create course instances, enroll learners, assign badges, and enable feedback for these courses.  


Creating a Module

Modules are the building blocks of a course. Authors can create a library of self-paced modules that can be included in the courses. These self-paced modules can be a PDF, PPT, DOC, Adobe Captive Course, Adobe Presenter Course, or any other SCORM or AICC-compliant eLearning content.


Get actionable insights into your learning initiatives through personalized real-time dashboards. Keep tabs on how learners, departments, functional teams and partners are doing on their learning objectives.

Learner Dash

The unique flat learner dashboard provides easy access to gamification, courses, and the learning modules. It provides a seamlessly fun, yet effective, way to manage and track ones learning progress.


Using Badges

Encourage voluntary participation from learners and create an aspirational environment where learners drive themselves to get cool badges and race ahead on the leaderboard. Recognize and reward learners when they exhibit qualities such as initiative and involvement, or when they achieve specific learning milestones.

Course Effectiveness

Evaluate the effectiveness of learning programs at increasing knowledge and capability and ensure they are delivering on business objectives. Assess the impact of your training by recording learner feedback, test scores and manager inputs. Improve content quality with real learner feedback.

Skills Management

Quickly close skill-gaps, develop new skills, and track how skill enhancement impacts on-the-job-performance of your employees. Ensure your training initiatives are completely aligned to deliver business objectives.